Without Western CNCs, Russiа's military production will degrade within a few years

What is CNC?

CNC (Computer numerical control) machine tools are automated robot machines using software to manufacture various metal products without direct human intervention.

CNC machinery is a crucial means of production for advanced arms manufacturing like missiles, aircrafts, radars etc.

Millions suffer from the genocidal war in Europe - killed, injured, deported, tortured in occupation. Western companies helped Russia prepare for the big war.

What products do CNC machines make?

CNC machining provides a high level of precision and repeatability, making it ideal for producing critical components for the military complex.

What products do CNC machines make?
  • Aircraft Components

    Aircraft Components

    CNC machines are used to manufacture precision parts for military aircraft, such as engine components, landing gear parts, and structural elements.

  • Weapon Systems

    Weapon Systems

    CNC machining is crucial in the production of firearm components, missile guidance systems, and other weapon parts.

  • Armor and Vehicle Components

    Armor and Vehicle Components

    CNC machining is used to create armored vehicle components, including body panels, turrets, and structural elements.

  • Electronic and Communication Equipment

    Electronic and Communication Equipment

    CNC machines are used in the production of electronic components, communication equipment, and radar systems for military use.

All in all — there is not a single russian tank, plane, APC that does not have parts made with foreign CNC machine tools.

How important is CNC machinery for the Russian arms manufacturing industry?

According to research by ESCU, a leading think tank, foreign-made CNC tools compose roughly 70% of Russia’s annual consumption (this was never a secret, and was widely published in the media even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022).

Hence, Russia's overall military production capacity depends on a handful of dual-use technology manufacturers from Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, South Korea.

70% of CNC consumed by Russia - are imported

Whose products are there in the Russian military complex?

Big Cases of CNCs’ sanction evasion:

Russia has worked around European Union sanctions to import banned equipment used for military purposes via countries such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and others.

  • HAAS public case investigation by PBS, reported by Simon Ostrovsky with support from the Pulitzer Center.

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  • The latest break-out story by Die Zeit accuses German engineering company DMG Mori of fueling Russian military production.

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  • German CNC machine tools of NSH-Gruppe continue flowing into Russia despite sanctions - by RND.

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Stop Russian CNC War Machines to End the War Sooner

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Hi, my name is ENTER NAME, and I live in your district — my zip code is ENTER ZIP. While Ukraine continues to valiantly defend itself, Russia has significantly increased its domestic military production. This production is only possible with CNCs - computer numerical control machines, which are necessary for high-precision industries, and are produced almost exclusively in the West, Japan and South Korea. Neither Russia nor China are able to produce high-end CNCs. Russia had acquired a substantial number of Western CNC machines before the full-scale invasion, but continues to import even more. Current sanctions allow many dual-use products essential to Russian weapon manufacturing to cross borders unimpeded. Furthermore, all CNC machines require servicing from manufacturers. As long as Russia has access to CNC machines - it will be able to produce advanced weapons. Ukraine has already asked Germany to halt CNC deliveries to Russia: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-09-18/ukraine-asks-germany-to-halt-ammunition-tool-headed-for-russia, an investigation by PBS revealed that American HAAS may still be supplying the Russian arms industry, and other cases abound. It’s like in the proverb; give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. By giving Russia the tools it needs to produce weapons, we are not only prolonging the war, but forcing ourselves to provide Ukraine with more weaponry. By implementing sanctions and bolstering export controls on CNCs from the US and our allies, Russian arms manufacturing will significantly diminish over time. This is a realistic political goal that can have a tremendous impact. As your constituent, Thank you for your support.


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